Saturday, March 03, 2007

Skating on Thick Ice

The main topics of conversation around here have been centering on the weather. Last weekend we had another fun bout of rain, sleet, ice, and snow to top it all off. Yesterday was just snow and a lot of wind. (Yes, we live outside of Chicago and they tell me it's not called the "Windy City" because of the wind, but you can't prove it by me.) Even though we got only an inch or so of snow, the wind drifted all of it on the sidewalks. So, I shovelled about 8 inches of snow today in a couple of spots! What snow remained on the grassy areas is covering ice. Lots of ice. Poor Ceilidh. She walks on her tiptoes when it's cold out and just slides around on the ice. It's very difficult to get down to business when your legs are coming out from under you. So she has to find a little snow to get some footing. And Ceilidh's the only one of our bunch that will tolerate her coat when it's above 20 degrees. The picture of Ceilidh above was taken in the fall, in her new coat.

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