Thursday, March 08, 2007

If at first you don't succeed

Roc and I have been training rather intensely. We're getting ready for the Brussels Griffon National Specialty in Louisville, Kentucky next week. So I've been going to every fun match I can find.
Yesterday evening we went to a fun match at a training center owned by a top-notch Golden Retriever trainer we've known for many years. Frank is a tall, quiet-spoken man with a dry sense of humor who expects excellence from his dogs and his students. We've never taken classes from him, although I hope to in the future.
Frank wanted to get the match started, so asked if anyone was ready to go in Open. I said we were, so Roc and I got in the ring to do our thing. After the first heeling exercise, Frank told me Roc was lagging a bit. I told Frank that if lagging was our worst problem, I'd be thrilled.
Needless to say, our run-through deteriorated. Roc didn't Drop on the Recall, his jumps were terrible. Fortunately, he did a great job on his Long Sit and Long Down.
I'd signed up for a second run, so we sat around for an hour, shooting the breeze with other handlers and passing the time. When it was our turn for a second run, I could almost see Frank thinking "why does she even bother?"
We got in the ring and started the off-lead heeling. Roc was in the zone. He heeled like a Golden! He Dropped on Recall! He Retrieved on the Flat! He Retrieved Over the High Jump (on the second try - there were distractions)! He even Broad-Jumped! And after every exercise, the very tall, very quiet man said "Good Boy!"
He is. I think I'll keep him.

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Renée said...

You better do or else I will steal Roc away from you. =)

How can you deny those gorgeous, big brown eyes?