Friday, March 23, 2007

You Think You Know Guilt?

Golly's a champion at guilt. The vet wanted to do a full blood work-up on her today, so we couldn't give the princess anything to eat after midnight last night (this morning). Now, that doesn't sound so awful - it is less than a day, and we would be sending along her breakfast so it's not even a few hours that Golly would be without food. No matter. This has disrupted her whole routine. We've cut her throat (figuratively speaking, of course). We are horrible people. Her siblings were eating breakfast, and then treats and Golly got nothing. Oh, that's not right adding insult to injury we gave Golly her blood pressure medicine.

When Golly turns those big brown eyes on you, you want to give her anything she wants. It doesn't work trying to explain that it's for her own good - we just want her to be healthy. That doesn't matter. Golly has gone without food. As I was eating breakfast this morning - that's right, and not giving any to Golly - the little manipulator was lying on a pad on the floor and just breathing. Not the little normal, almost inaudible, breaths. No - the long-suffering sighing breaths of the neglected. And this evening when I come home I fully expect to get the cold shoulder from Golly. Oh yes, she knows guilt.

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