Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Can I just go into the corner and scream?

I love Roc dearly. I just want that said before I continue. Because this week I also despise every bone in his tiny, little body.

We've been training rather intensely for competition in Open Obedience. He has his Novice title, so I know he can, in fact, perform in public. In addition to class, we've been going to fun matches and other sites, wherever dogs are allowed, to practise.

This last weekend we went to trials at the Wisconsin State Fair Grounds. So I drove, over this weekend, more than 320 miles (back and forth and back and forth), in below-freezing, sleeting, icky disgusting weather.

Saturday, out of the clear blue sky, Roc sat instead of lying down for the "Down on Recall." He's never done that before in his life. Everything else - a bit sloppy, but definitely qualifying.

Okay, I figure. He was a bit nervous. We'll do better on Sunday.

Not even close. He got distracted in the first 20 seconds and I found myself heeling all by myself on the other side of the ring. And it was downhill from there. I know that he probably got all flustered when he realized he'd messed up. I know he just lost focus and couldn't get it back.

I also know that, if and when we manage to overcome this stage fright he'll do wonderfully well. But when some people at the trial suggested I give up on Brussels Griffons and get a Papillon - I was just a little bit tempted.

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jan said...

Remember: even gold medal Olympians have off days.