Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just remember to breathe...

Just remember to breathe - that's what the stewards said the very first time I entered an obedience ring. And it's advice I try to remember every trial. But I cannot even begin to describe how anxious I am today. Tomorrow morning we leave for Louisville, where Roc is entered in the Brussels Griffon National Specialty Obedience Trial.

Now, if Roc were a Border Collie, Golden Retriever, even a Papillon, he would be one among many and the potential for humiliation would be mitigated by being "one of the crowd." However, he is a Brussels Griffon. There are six entered. Not six in his class, six in total. And with our current rate of success (0 for 10) I have to look at our entry fee as "supporting the club."

Not that I don't have very high hopes! I do. Which is what's making me crazy. I wish I could just "let it go," "give it up," "que sera sera." I know, in my brain, that Roc knows all of the exercises and my nerves are not helping one little bit. I also know that I get to keep him, regardless of how we do in the ring. I know from vast experience that once in the ring, I'll just be playing obedience with my dog and have a good time. And I know that all the spectators will be rooting for all of the dogs to do well.

But I still feel sick to my stomach and my palms are sweaty. Wish us luck!


Renée said...

Breathe in, hold it in for 5 seconds and exhale very slowly.

You will do just find, Hope! ;) And have fun! Go Roc!

jan said...

I'm sure it was fun and a very valuable experience in spite of pre-show jitters.

Ellen said...

Good Luck!

Kahshe Cottager said...

Good luck and crossed paws from Ceilidh, Jesse and Tess who are doing well when they will actually "sit and stay" when requested to!!!

We will be checking back for the results!