Friday, March 09, 2007

Ceilidh the Grump

Yesterday evening was Agility class, as is normal for Thursday. Ceilidh loves Agility - she gets some undivided attention, she gets to play with her Latex Soccer Ball (which I bring to class to entertain us both while we wait for our turn), she gets a yummy Chicken Z-Filet (spread over the evening, as her special treat for class), and best of all, she gets to play Agility!

When we get home Ceilidh usually tries to persuade us that she's not tired and she could play some more. We win that argument, though and Ceilidh finally concedes that she could use a nap. Last night she curled up in the Woofie Cushion in the family room and covered her with a throw. Golly didn't see Ceilidh and tried to climb into the bed. Ceilidh is not one for sharing, though, and growled at her big sister! Golly was quite startled to hear such vicousness from the bed and decided to try a different resting spot!


jan said...

That's cute...gotta watch out for those growling beds.

Kahshe Cottager said...

I just popped back for the latest Ceilidh update - you all have been busy!

The only bed my Ceilidh is interested in sharing is mine ... and then the 'pajama fights' begin if Jesse tries to sneak in too!

Good luck in the Trials!!

LJP said...

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