Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just go to your room!

I had to put Roc in a "time out" last night in class.

It's a fundamental rule of dog training that you should never, ever work with your dog when you're angry, frustrated or upset. Especially when it's your dog that's making you angry, frustrated and upset.

Which Roc was doing last night in class. He was paying absolute attention to everyone in class but me. He was visiting, mooching, being generally impossible. So I left the ring and put Roc in his crate for a while. He's always said "hello" to all his friends, but until last night I've been able to get his mind back on business.

His timing is particularly bad, since we have obedience trials on both Saturday and Sunday. I really wanted to get some practise in. After Open class was over I went and got Roc and asked him if he wanted to work. And he did! He was attentive and precise and adorable. The cooling-off period seemed to work for both of us.

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