Friday, February 23, 2007

Going Visiting!

The one thing that I've continually stated as the reason for my taking Ceilidh (Boston Terrier) to Agility class is to improve her focus. She's better than she used to be, but Ceilidh's attention wanders, to say the least. Last night was no exception. In fact, Ceilidh was a little more scatter-brained that usual, if that's possible. She was endlessly fascinated by every spot on the floor - and there are a lot, since the mats are speckled! Occasionally she is rewarded by a treat that one of the Beginners in the class before us missed, so that just reinforces her Hoovering behavior.

Actually, Ceilidh's runs were not bad, all things considered. She even completed the teeter-totter a couple of times. That's her latest bugaboo equipment. (Ceilidh's phobias go in phases, kind of like the moon. A while ago it was the A-Frame, then the weave poles, now it's the teeter.) Anyway, toward the end of class the run led toward a row of chairs where some class members waiting to take their turn were sitting. So Ceilidh went visiting! She's one of the sweetest things on four legs, so she just wanted treats and kisses. Our instructor has us all well-trained, though, so Ceilidh was out of luck!

I finally got Ceilidh's attention back to me and the course, where it was supposed to be! After she got the opportunity to say hello, Ceilidh was faster than she had been the previous 45 minutes! She was also more focused. Well, for five obstacles. Then she found an interesting clump of hair on the floor...


jan said...

I'm afraid I have a bit of Ceilidh in me so I can relate to her quite easily. :>)

Kahshe Cottager said...

Thanks for dropping in and visiting my Ceilidh! I am enjoying meeting your Ceilidh and friends too!