Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Truly lovelorn

Last night at training Roc's girlfriend (Charlee the Yorkshire Terrier) wasn't there. Perfectly understandable, since the wind chill factor around here is well below zero degrees Fahrenheit and she's a tiny, itty-bitty little thing. Not to mention the inches of snow that made driving an adventure.

So, without his adoring audience Roc entirely forgot absolutely everything he knows and shone in the exercises that haven't been his strong suit. All of a sudden he has no idea what "down" means, but heels like a Golden Retriever.

I'll take the heeling. I love it when we're in sync like that. And I'm hoping that everything else falling apart right now means that we have time to put it back together before the National Specialty next month.

But after such a frustrating session, it's a bit hard to remember we do this because it's fun.

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