Friday, February 09, 2007

Studious Pups

Among other things here at Golly Gear, I'm the web designer. I don't claim to be an expert or have all the answers to the problems that present themselves - I'm self-taught, with the addition of a couple of online courses offered by the local community college. I try to keep up with news in the field, and the latest best practices as best I can. So if something is mentioned more than a couple of times I pay attention, even if it means a nasty future total redesign.

I had the opportunity to take an online seminar on just such a topic on Wednesday, my day off (is there really a day off when you own your own business?). I took the dogs out twenty minutes before the seminar was scheduled to begin (that's how long it takes for all the coats, boots, mittens, etc.) and was comfortably ensconced in front of our home PC with my water for dry throat coughs at hand.

And Ceilidh (Boston Terrier) decided she wanted to be nowhere but in my lap. OK, fine. I log in and fumble with the speakers. Then Golly and Roc (Brussels Griffons) wandered in and settled down (in separate beds, of course - they don't usually share).

So now, just ask Ceilidh, Golly and Roc about the CSS Box Model for Dreamweaver. Dax (French Bulldog) stayed in the sunny living room for a nap.

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jan said...

What a familiar scene.

The breeds are different and I also have a cat that periodically jumps up beside the keyboard to supervise.