Saturday, February 17, 2007

I'm "it" - Why I blog

Renee of Small Dogs Paradise and Aquarium Fish Wonders (just an animal lover!) has tagged me! My very first tag! And the topic? Why do I blog?

I took a while to think about that question. At first, it was, in all honesty, mostly a marketing thing - to get the word out about our shop. But now, almost a year later, that's not really a factor anymore.

I blog to connect with others with the same interests (read obsessions). I've met some terrific people and while my blogroll grows, so does my circle of friends. And that's what the internet is best at - bringing people together.

None of us has to feel alone now. Whatever you're "into," you can find like-minded people to share your life with. And when the winter is getting to you (I'm now officially sick of it) and you don't feel like going out and doing much of anything, you can still connect with your friends from the comfort and warmth of home.

So that's why I blog. To form connections, to meet friends, and to share my dog obsession with people like me. Some of whom pull me back to the wider world on occasion. Also a good thing.
So - my new friends, why do you blog? Answer me that Halloweenlover, BT Photo blogger, Leslie, Marlene, and MB? Tag - you're it!

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