Friday, January 11, 2008

Last week of freedom!

Didn't it always seem, the week before you had to go back to school from your winter break, that your freedom was ending? That's how it seems to me, and I don't exactly know why! Ceilidh and I are going back to Agility classes next week - we'd taken the last session off because I knew I'd have to miss at least two classes. We can't make up classes, and we can't prorate payments. I don't know why, that's just the way this place works. And it's too expensive to sign up knowing that one fourth of the payment is being wasted.

So, we've had a couple of months of sluggishness. Actually, Ceilidh is the furthest thing from a slug - she needs her exercise every day! But now we're going back to school next week. Last evening seemed very indulgent. We ordered fried rice from our usual Chinese take-out place and ate the whole order! And watched a whole evening of mindless TV!

Next week it's back to work. Let's see how much Ceilidh and I remember!

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Kahshe Cottager said...

Oh, I have to say I am relieved that my dogs can't sign me up for classes!! I am hibernating for the winter months!!!

I notice there were no Cairn terriers in the obedience group lineup ... I am not terribly surprised ... they are stubborn little mites at times! Perhaps if I rewarded them with Chinese takeout...???

Have fun at your classes!