Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dax has a boyfriend!

Daxie's in love!
For the last two weeks, a dashing young Papillon boy has come to class. Smudge is 18 months old (a younger man!), about as tall as Dax and half her weight. He's a slight thing, but all swaggering confidence and joy.
It's the first time she's tried to initiate play with another dog. She'll usually go up, sniff hello, and if the other dog wants to play, Dax's usual reaction is to roll over onto her back in the classic "I'm a puppy don't hurt me!" move. For the first time, she's got her adorable butt in the air, wiggling like mad, saying "Play with me!"
Fortunately, Smudge is happy to oblige. It was wonderful watching them chase around and play after class last night.
And, with some luck, he'll be a wonderful influence on her. Papillons are known as top-notch performance dogs. And his "mom" has, in the past, gotten advanced obedience titles on her Borzois. (She's a good example of downsizing!)
Vive l'amour!

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