Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The joys of customer service

So yesterday I was going through e-mails, answering questions from customers and inquiries from strangers.

And there's a question from a man in Canada who says (paraphrased) "I have this harness that you carry, but I can't read the size, this is what it measures. I need the next size up and do you ship to Canada."

So I spend a while measuring harnesses in the store, figuring out what he's got and what he needs. And I write back saying this is what you have, this is what you want and we happily ship to Canada.

And he writes back and says thanks anyway, I found it in a store here.

I understand shopping locally. I really do. But, if you've made me do the grunt work, please don't tell me about it.

Thank you very much.


FrogDogz said...

Y'all should know by now that we Canadians is just a buncha ingnant rednecks.

Sorry on behalf of my fellow nationals.

Hope said...

This particular fellow happened to be Canadian, but the e-mail could easily have been from anywhere. No nationality has a monopoly on unthinking behavior! I'd actually have to say that, proportionately, Canadians are among the most considerate!
And there's no way I'd want to be held accountable for my countrymen's behavior!