Friday, January 18, 2008

Back to School!

Last night was Ceilidh's (and my) first night at Agility Class in a couple of months. She was so happy to be back and see all her friends - most notably Puddy the Boxer. Puddy loves other short-faced dogs and was happy to see Ceilidh back at school, too. I was a little concerned that Ceilidh wouldn't remember how to do the obstacles, but I should have worried about me! We did a long front cross drill, and on the last jump I forgot which way to turn! I can always say I was dizzy and had to unwind myself. But Ceilidh did great. She remembered everything and "hoovered" much less than I expected her to.


Johann The Dog said...

That's great your back in class! Mum always worries about forgetting her part of the team effort. Me? I never forget!

Fran said...

The break was good for Ceilidh, I think - so far she likes all the obstacles!