Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Baby Destructo strikes again!

Dax was very proud of herself yesterday evening. She managed to disembowel and shred her favorite toy in the whole, wide world - her Squeeze Meeze Elephant. It took some effort, but once the initial hole was made, latex and stuffing flew merrily around the room.
From talking to all sorts of dog people, I know that most seem to look for "indestructible" toys. As the owner of dogs and a dog store, I absolutely guarantee there's no such thing. Given time and determination, any dog can destroy any dog toy. Ceilidh, Fran's Boston Terrier, is notorious for her ability to reduce any toy, of any material, to shreds.
I'll also admit that the destruction doesn't bother me at all. I pick up the pieces and toss them out without a pang. If they were precious objects, they'd be in display cases. At my house, dog toys are meant to be played with, destroyed and replaced.
I've heard stories about dogs who cherish particular toys, treat them gently, get anxious when they're in the laundry, and carry them tenderly through their lives. I believe it can happen. It just doesn't at my house.


Uncivil said...

My sister in law has a cat named Billie. He has a little stuffed dog toy that he has had for gosh probaly 8 years, and he won't have anything to do with a new one.

Hope said...

Who knew? That's so cute!

FrogDogz said...

Toys at my house are transitory at best -- they come, they get disemboweled, they get replaced.

The only exception to this is Mr. Monkey, who has lasted through two litters, and four puppies. Pretty good, for a toy I bought at the dollar store!