Thursday, January 24, 2008

Call him "Mr. Spud"

I've retired Roc from Obedience. It took me a while to admit it was necessary. And to adjust to the change.
It took Roc no time at all. He LOVES his new career as Couch Potato. He's happier, calmer and altogether a joyful boy. He loved going to class and being with me, but the stress of competition was just too much for the little guy. As Dax and I head out for class, he sits there in his favorite bed; "See ya! Have a good time! Wake me when you get home."
Of course he's Johnny-On-The-Spot when I practise with Dax at home. Cookies were always his favorite part of training. Last night when I actually had the temerity to ask him to do something for his treat he looked at me with outrage. "Work? Work? I don't think so!"
When I insisted he "down" the indignation was palpable. I'd violated his new work ethic - none at all.


Fuzzy Logic said...

He sounds like Targ... Same theory on life.. if it involves cookies, he's there! But he totally despises going to obedience classes. Good for you for finding the perfect job for him. Keeping the couch warm is important work.

Uncivil said...

I actually used to have a horse named "Spud" back in the 70's.

We didn't know what a couch potato was back then!!!!LOL!!!!

Uncivil said...

Oh, I forgot...."Spud" my horse. I named him that because he was a gelding and no longer a Stud!!!!!