Friday, January 25, 2008

Below-Zero Agility

Last night was Agility Class again, and it was really cold. On the drive to class, the meteorologist said it was 1 degree or something like that - actual temperature, not wind chill. The wind chill was 15 degrees below zero - fahrenheit. Brrrr. Even with the defrosters going full blast, the windows were icing over with two dogs and two people breathing. It was downright cold. Of course Agility class is indoors, but with the door opening it was chilly inside too. Hope and Dax's class is an hour before Ceilidh and mine, so we spent an hour waiting in the Lobby. Ceilidh can only tolerate so much "doodling" - little exercises practicing certain aspects of obedience or other training - before her brain says "enough!" While Ceilidh enjoys Agility drills - a sequence of obstacles practicing a specific skill - she can't take much practice in a small space. Especially when it's cold. But then it was our turn to play Agility and we warmed up in a hurry!

Last night the actual temperature dropped to -4 degrees. Thank goodness, it's supposed to warm up this weekend!

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Kahshe Cottager said...

My goodness I have gotten behind in my visits! So many changes in your home with Roc retiring and Dax in love. Have a great week!