Thursday, January 03, 2008

Icicles of the past

We have some enormous icicles hanging from our lean-to greenhouse. Some of them are over three feet long. And what do icicles make me think of? My father.
I have very few memories of "Daddy." He died when I was six. I never called him "Dad" or "Father (with an eye roll)." He will always be "Daddy," because he wasn't there when I would have grown out of it.
One of the few memories I have is the day I was "helping" him knock icicles off our garage. I must have been about three. Predictably, one of the ice spears landed just below my left eye. I still have the scar.
Funny, though. The only think I remember about the day is having fun helping my "daddy." I don't remember getting hurt. Or how fast he must have run into the house with me. Or how my mother reacted. I bet it wasn't pretty. But they were, weren't they?


Kahshe Cottager said...

Those few memories are always so precious. I can relate - my daddy died when I was 4. One I cherish is when he brought home a little dog for me which I named Bouncy!

Uncivil said...

Gosh, Hope and Kahshe.....I feel for you both, and I just couldn't imagine the grief.
I love the picture Hope. They were a beautiful couple.
Old photos just bring back an age of innocence to me.

Hope said...

This photo was taken on their honeymoon, in Miami. Definitely a different era. At least it's in color, though!