Monday, April 30, 2007

Well-deserved success!

We are just thrilled for our friend and classmate Janie and her Saluki, Reggie! This weekend they got two qualifying scores toward Reggie's CDX!!

Janie and I have been in class together forever - the trials and tribulations of competing in Obedience with non-traditional obedience dogs is a bond we've forged over the years. To put it simply - we've felt each other's pain.

But now - Janie and Reggie are two-thirds of the way there! I'm going to miss them in class (they'll be moving up to Utility) but I'm really looking forward to the treats Janie's going to bring to class. It's a North Shore Dog Training Club tradition - you get a title, you bring goodies to share!

Congratulations, Janie and Reggie! (Sorry the picture isn't better - it was taken at our club picnic a couple years ago. Both are much, much prettier in person!)


GoogyDog said...

Very elegant dog I can see in the picture. He looks like an english lord to me.

Hope said...

You're right - most of the time! It's a riot when Reggie gets silly on occasion in class- such an elegant dog acting goofy!

Cynthia Blue said...

Awesome congrats to them, gorgeous saluki!