Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Winter weight

Our dogs are fat. I got the official word yesterday, when I took Golly and Roc in for their annual shots. Golly's managed to gain half a pound in just four months. Which for me, would be no great feat. But for a 12-pound dog, it's too much. Roc's not in much better shape, he gained a few ounces, too.
I blame winter. When it's sub-zero out (with the wind chill), who wants to go trotting around in the great outdoors? Not me. And not my dogs. They're not stupid. Cuddling in the nice, warm house is a wonderful winter pastime. Just not very good for your figure.
So, the spring/summer/fall regime will start - more moving accompanied by less eating. We've been put under orders by our vet, the wonderful Dr. Janice.
Who, as we were leaving her office, asked me if Golly and Roc could have a cookie. Hard to resist, aren't they?


jan said...

We got the "f" = fat word at our last check up. I think it's great to have dogs remind us that exercise must be forthcoming.

Uncivil said...

Hi Hope & Fran

Omgosh! They are all beautiful. I thought Roc & Golly were black Pugs when I first laid eyes on them. Then I read your post and find out they are Brussels Griffons! Love em!

Ceilidh is precious too. I'll have to search through your blog and find Dax. I've always wanted a Frenchie! I would like to have a Boston/Frenchie mix.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Check out Ab & Em's link

Kahshe Cottager said...

They are a cute pair together! Cold winter is not the time for little dogs to go out to play! Cuddles are so much more fun! My girls have the same issues (me too actually), however spring is here and there are all sorts of things to chase in the yard now! Their pounds will melt away, mine ....???