Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Back to school

Last night was Roc's and my first at obedience training for a while - since I found out Roc has no cartilage in his right shoulder and left hip. And shouldn't wear a collar cause he has a funky vertebrae in his neck.

He's not allowed to jump for another month - but he had an absolute blast! And so did I. Maybe I was getting so anxious to compete, or so tense about not qualifying, that I forgot to have some fun. And that is what obedience is all about - having fun with your dog.

I've ordered his articles for Utility work - everybody tells me that it's fun to train. I'm looking forward to it. Roc and I have been in Open for so long that he's probably a bit tired of it. And it'll be good to shake up our routine.

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