Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wonderful news!

We've been on tenterhooks around here for the last week and a half. Our friend Betsy discovered some dark, scaly patches on her dog MacDuff, who is exactly (to the day!) as old as Golly and who has been Golly's "boyfriend" since the day we brought her home. Last Thursday MacDuff had surgery to remove the suspicious areas and then we waited. Having been there and done that many times over the years, we could only sympathize with Betsy. The waiting is the most difficult part. Today Betsy phoned with the results - benign! We are doing the dance of joy around here. Not quite as vigorously as Betsy, but we are delighted.
This is MacDuff on the day we won his fourth Master Agility Champion title.
Golly and MacDuff
MacDuff and Golly


Kahshe Cottager said...

Glad to hear the test results were good. Such a worry when it is a fur-baby!

MacDuff and Golly are a cute couple!!

Fran said...

They've just gotten cuter with age, I think!