Monday, April 09, 2007

Musical beds

Friday was a mega-laundry day for me - about 8 loads of wash - all dog stuff. Every so often I get a notion into my head that all the dog beds need to be washed. And the throws that we use on our furniture, and the towels we use for the dogs' "ablutions" every week. So the heap in the laundry room gets pretty huge.

Part of that is taking off the covers of the dogs beds. That's when you get to see how smushed the actual pillow part is. Clever, clever me - I bought myself some new pillows over the weekend and decided that my old ones would be perfect fillers for a couple of the dog beds that were looking a bit sad. And smushed.

Each dog has her (or his) favorite bed. And now I've totally messed up the pecking order. Roc used to be the only one who liked the one with the attached cover. But now it's all poofy, and Ceilidh likes it. And Ceilidh does not tolerate anyone sleeping near her.

So Roc moved over to the bed next to that one, which just happens to be Golly's favorite. So the Princess' nose is out of joint - someone dares to be sleeping in her bed! So she went over to her second favorite - but that one's too poofy now, since I put the extra pillow in it.

In time everyone will readjust, every dog will find his new favorite and peace will once again descend on the household. In the meantime, Dax is my favorite dog. She just wants to sleep on my lap.


jan said...

Every so often I like to mess with my dogs' heads by making changes in their routines and sleeping preferences. They always react so predictably...

Kahshe Cottager said...

Oh, I am so bad ~ I wash their beds and then dry them with lavender sachets. The fur girls seem to enjoy the fragrance and they pick up a little of the scent on their fur so they smell nice for a while after laundry day too!!