Friday, April 13, 2007

A Rare Thursday at Home

It's not often that we have a quiet Thursday at home, but we had a week off between Agility Class sessions. As our loyal readers know, Ceilidh loves Agility class, it's a great energy release for her, and it helps her to focus. More than anything else, though, Ceilidh loves her schedule. If things don't happen in the order that they usually do, she's lost and bewildered until we give her some structure. She knows that after dinner she gets to play with her beloved Latex Soccer Ball. She knows that Wednesday morning she gets a medicated bath. And she knows that Thursday evening is Agility class. (I don't know how she tells the days of the week, but she seems to!) Usually on Thursdays we eat dinner earlier than normal because we have to fight traffic on the way to Agility. But last night we didn't! And Ceilidh didn't like it! But once we started playing with her Latex Soccer Ball, Ceilidh knew that all was right with her world.

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