Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I have an idea...(be afraid, be very afraid)

I don't know where everybody was last night, but only Janie and I (and our dogs Reggie and Roc) showed up for Open class last night. So we took down all the ring gates and used the whole place to work! It was terrific, especially since our teacher this session is Susan who is a fantastic, meticulous, fun coach.

We did some straight-line heeling, since we had room to move. And I was astonished that Janie and I work at practically the same pace. When you consider that Reggie is a Saluki and Roc is a Brussels Griffon - you'll understand why I was amazed.

But it got my devious little brain working - if Janie and I both heel at similar paces - how much fun would it be to put together an NSDTC Obedience Team? Team Obedience, Susan tells us, includes the Novice exercises with the addition of a Drop on Recall. Our dogs can do that! Now we just need a couple more people for the team.

And that's the tall and short of it!


Anonymous said...

I love to share time that close with my two dogs too (They're crazy Golden Retrievers.)

Best wishes

Hope said...

Hello, C! Welcome to you and your dogs! My Spanish is a little rusty, so I appreciate your English blog. Thank you for stopping by!