Friday, May 18, 2007

Golly Musings

Golly's been feeling left out of our blog posts, so I'll bring everyone up to date on the Princess' recent activities. Golly is, naturally, horrified at the attempt on her cousin Dax's life last week, inadvertent though it may have been. She has not minded being out of the spotlight for a few days but Dax is feeling much better and Golly believes that attention should turn to the most deserving - herself.

Lately on nice evenings we've been taking the dogs outside to work a little bit on our training. Mostly simple stuff - basic obedience refreshers, "touch," and sometimes we stick a couple of weave poles in the ground and work on that. It's been a few years since she got her title, but Golly still loves to train! She's right there for the handouts, too!

Sometimes (not too often, thank goodness!) I'll have a sleepless night and channel surf or read. Golly does not like having her beauty sleep interrupted and will stalk down to the foot of the bed and plop down with an audible "Hmmph!"

Sometimes I'll practice yoga downstairs. Golly likes to help. Nothing like doing "downward facing dog" facing a little dog on my mat!

Gotta love her!


Uncivil said...

Nothing like a little GollyYoga to get you going in the morning!

Kahshe Cottager said...

Mom's little helper? I can picture the yoga sessions and the Hmmmph! I am being sucked into her sparkling brown eyes!

Fran said...

We call her attraction the "Golly Force." Very difficult to resist.

And, what's really fun is trying to do crunches with Golly sitting on my stomach - doubly effective, right?