Tuesday, May 15, 2007

So far, so good

Dax is doing fine, so far. She's on Vitamin K treatment until next Friday, when she'll have a blood test to check her clotting factor.

That's scary enough. What's worse - I found another block of rat poison on my neighbor's walk (next to my yard) on Sunday evening. Monday, I called our Animal Control officer and reported it and asked her how many blocks of poison the person scattered. It never occurred to her to ask how many were unaccounted for. Between us, we'd found six. I think we both assumed that half a dozen was sufficient for anyone looking to get rid of a little chipmunk.

Ever heard the adage "Never assume! It makes an ass of u and me!?" The poisoner admitted to 20, which I figure means double that number. And said she did it for a week, which I figure means two.

Lori (our Animal Control officer) put in quite a bit of overtime yesterday evening. She went from door to door, showing people what the poison looks like and warning them to pick it up and call her. We don't want it thrown in the trash - squirrels are very clever at getting into trash bins around here.

Again I ask - how could anyone think so little and be so stupid?


Uncivil said...


It's so good to hear Dax is doing OK. He has no idea that you saved his life!
It's good to be a dog in that way, because he doesn't have to get mad over the stupidity of others the way we do!

Hopefully it will all turn out for the good. I'm going to do a post on my blog linking to your post about it, in hopes that it will make people think before they do something so careless.

I'm just so glad you were there for Dax and ever so observant!

Keep us posted!

Bullie Hugs and Boston kisses!

Hope said...

Thank you so much. It makes it much easier knowing there are so many caring people to offset the stupid ones.

Kahshe Cottager said...

Poor little Dax - I'm glad to hear that things continue to improve. Really, I find it astonishing when I hear/read of people being so stupid. And I thought the last posting was horrific - now to discover how much more poison bait was out and for how long, all for a chipmunk!? Your chipmunks must be something to be so worried about having to exterminate them!

Cynthia Blue said...

I'm glad Dax is doing well. Such an awful thing to have happen. No idea how people can be so stupid. They don't think... poison doesn't only effect the targeted animal. It affects every animal that has access to the ground.

Hope said...

You've got it exactly right - too few people think before they act. I know everyone in my neighborhood is much more aware of the wildlife in our area now. I'm just hoping we don't lose all of our critters because of this incident. Thank goodness Dax is still doing fine!