Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The dying's begun

This morning Fran found a dead squirrel in our backyard. I found a dead chipmunk in the alley by our garage.

Two different people have suggested we pile the little corpses at the door of the person who laid the poison out. They were kidding - we can't take the chance the bodies, filled with rat poison, would be eaten by other wildlife. But it was tempting for a moment.


Uncivil said...

Oh, I would get a huge jar and put all the carcasses in it, and then put it on the porch. I hope Animal control levied a good sized fine on them!

Hope said...

We found another little body today - a baby bird. It could have fallen out of the tree, rather than been a victim of poisoning, but it's sad, just the same. The poisoner only got a warning - the Animal Control officer said she was truly horrified when she realized how disastrous an outcome her actions have had. At least she's getting an education now.