Friday, May 04, 2007

In Another Reality

When Ceilidh came home almost six years (!) ago, she seemed like a normal, tiny Boston Terrier puppy. She was calm, playful and adorable. Of course she's still adorable, but hardly ever calm and she's always playing. Like any Boston puppy, her ears were floppy. We expected that they would stand up in time, like our other Bostons' ears had done. We kept waiting and expecting, never thinking about the possibility that they would never stand up! We accepted the reality that Ceilidh's markings weren't show- ring perfect, her nose is a little too long and her tail is funny-looking. But Ceilidh having floppy ears all her life never even occurred to us! We finally came to the realization that her ears would never stand up when Ceilidh was about a year old, and now we think her ears are cute. Occasionally now, when she's running into a stiff wind or at other strange times one or the other of her ears will stand up momentarily and we think, "Wow, Ceilidh would be gorgeous if her ears stood up." Hope caught this moment last night. Inside, and for several minutes, Ceilidh's ears looked perfect! This morning they were back to normal.


Uncivil said...

Ceilidh says " Let me flop my ears if me wants to mommy"!

She's adorable!

jan said...

Maybe she's just waiting for a photo op to stand them up.

Kahshe Cottager said...

You just truly love Ceilidh for who she is ... just the way she loves you!!