Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Obedient even through humiliation

Even Obedience dogs get silly for Halloween - this was the crew at last night's training session: (left to right): Roc (Beedog - Brussels Griffon), Dax (Butterfly - French Bulldog), Reggie (Devil - Saluki), Brandy (Devil - Golden Retriever), Emma (Skeleton - Weimeraner), Hannah (Angel - Dachshund), Beau (Angel - Golden Retriever), MacDuff (Superdog - Border Terrier), Robbie (Skunk - Border Terrier)


jan said...

That's great. This would be great to bond the whole class, even if the dogs didn't understand what is going on.

Hope said...

The dogs were so good and tolerant - most of them went the whole class wearing their costumes!