Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Plight of the Chicago sports fan

Roc loves sports. We'll be in the middle of a game of fetch and he'll stop dead, toy in his mouth, to watch a play on tv. Unfortunately, we're devout Chicago team fans. We love our Cubs, despite everything (although the jokes from a certain unnamed Cardinals fan are getting old). And we adore our Bears. Roc's very favorite sport is football, although he'll watch anything on tv. We thought that this season we might have something to cheer about, although the last game has tempered our optimism. (Above) This is Roc after the game. (Below) This is Roc getting ready for the game.

This is Roc during the game. Don't even try to distract him. We blame his Grandpa Greg for his fanatical devotion to sports. But we have our revenge. He's a Detroit fan.


dog lover said...

So cute!!!!!!! My dogs love to watch TV and lounge!

jan said...

That's priceless. My dogs used to love watching the 49ers, but now that they are in the toilet, we tend to look away a lot.