Friday, November 10, 2006

Golly on the Mean Streets

No, don't worry - Golly's not on her own. But, doesn't she look ready for anything in the Spiked Leather Harness? And isn't the incongruousness (is that a word?) just irresistible? Here's a tiny little dog (Golly weighs about 11 pounds) in pink spiked leather! Spikes and studs on Golly! Gotta love it.

For that matter, that might be why we love it. Don't they say that opposites attract? I like sweet and salty together. Creamy and crunchy. Antiques and contemporary.

Golly demanded equal time with Roc, our frustrated Chicago sports fan. Plus she looks so cute in this picture I had to share!


MJ's doghouse said...

golly you definately look sweet yet a little bad butt at the same time....liking it very much here

Anonymous said...


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