Friday, November 03, 2006

Better Than Chicken Soup

I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday - nothing major, just not up to doing anything. Somewhere between OK and semi-crappy. So I stayed home and snoozed all day. I guess I felt worse than I thought - I never nap! I started out in bed, then was joined by Golly and Roc (Brussels Griffons) at the foot of the bed. Then Dax (French Bulldog) climbed under the covers with me. Then Ceilidh (Boston Terrier) curled up behind my knees. So snuggly and warm.

That lasted until Roc heard the postal carrier. Almost as much of a nemesis as the UPS man. We all got up to see what holiday catalogs were in the box. (Nothing great yesterday.)

Then we all piled on the couch in the office. That's where the good TV is. I thought I'd leave some mindless daytime shows on while I snoozed. Worked really well, too. I stretched out on my side, Dax curled up in front of me, and Ceilidh behind my legs. The Griffs had enough of such close togetherness. They were in their beds on the floor.

The puppy therapy worked - I'm feeling all better today!


jan said...

I'm sure in a few years medical science will come out with a study that shows that puppy therapy is sounc medical practice. Works for me.

Fran said...

Yup - works like a charm almost every time!