Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Spoiled rotten - and loving it!

There seems to be some discussion these days about whether pets are over-indulged. They may be. But what's the harm?

Years ago, when we had our bookstore and its resident cat, there were a couple of customers, one new and one a long-time friend, in the shop. Merlyn (the cat) was lying on the counter, on his faux-sheepskin rug, being petted by the friend and purring up a storm. The newcomer exclaimed "He's not too spoiled, is he!"

Which sparked an absolutely classic retort from our friend; "Well, why not? It's not like he has to grow up and be a responsible taxpayer!"

And the reason I bring this up? A very defensive post from a reader of the Poodle and Dog Blog. Evelyn has no reason to apologize for indulging her pets. We do. And none of us is the worse for it.

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jan said...

I love the "taxpayer" retort. Classic.