Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dax, the art critic

Today is a very windy day in Chicago. Some people may say - "What do you expect? It's the Windy City." But those of us who live here know that it's not the weather that gave us the title, but hot air blowing from all the political conventions the city hosted in the last century.

Because of the weather and because Dax really, really didn't want to go outside when she woke up today, I was prepared to go it alone on my walk. But she let me know that she wasn't having any part of that! Dax ran to the door and was jumping to reach the knob. So we suited up and set off on our jaunt.

I've been trying to take different routes - it's not like we have any wilderness around here, but one of the objectives has been to get the dogs used to all kinds of situations. We walked along a commercial street with a fair amount of traffic. She was doing great - until she saw a statue outside a building. The statue is of two people sitting on a park bench - almost life-size. Have you heard the expression brought up short? She stopped dead and couldn't figure it out. I let her take it at her own pace; one step forward, sniff, another step, sniff. It took her a couple of minutes to finally walk right up. Then the look on her face was priceless. "Mom, what's with the fake people?"


jan said...

Reminds me of the time my dogs saw a dog statue in the park. One wanted to greet it and the other two were ready to flee.

Hope said...

Have any of yours ever reacted to the "doggy in the mirror?" Only one of ours ever did. Their perceptions of the world are so different from ours.