Monday, July 24, 2006

An occasional flash of inspiration

Every once in while I have a stroke of genius. Rather than sit and admire my momentary flash of semi-brilliance, I thought I'd share!

To make a long story much, much longer, I'll have to explain what's been going on with Dax. For a few days now, we've noticed her gnawing at her paws. She does have some allergies, so we just told her to knock it off and got on with things. But it didn't stop. So, after about three days, I finally took a look.

Dax had a cut on her paw. Her licking and gnawing at it, of course, resulted in redness and inflammation. I know. I'm a bad, bad mom. I apologized to her profusely. Then washed it, disinfected it and generally cooed and fussed over the girl for a while.

The issue, as any dog owner knows, is getting the dog to leave the boo-boo alone without constantly watching her and without the cone-shaped medieval torture device veterinarians encourage.

I got creative! (This is the brilliant part - please pay attention!) I used a little baby sock (from Old Navy - she's a very stylish pup) and a velcro cord-wrap! It's not too loose or too tight, she hasn't (yet) figured out how to get it off, and it's easy for me!

Dax is leaving her paw alone and we expect a full recovery in no time at all!

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