Saturday, July 15, 2006

Beginnings and more beginnings, dreams and nightmares

Okay, so you know how excited Hope was in her last post. We've finished packing and (mostly) unpacking onto our makeshift shelves and card table desks. The dumpsters have been hauled away from our old location, and we're trying to figure out where everything goes in our new location. Dreaming about how all the great Golly Gear products will look, maybe on gridwall, maybe shelving. As you can probably tell, since I'm posting a new blog entry, we do have our DSL line (yeah!).

But, our regular phone lines are a nightmare. We're caught in the SBC / AT&T cycle of hell. No, it's SBC. No, it's AT&T. And on and on. It turns out that our request to transfer our main line (with its attendant toll-free number) was never logged. Hope spent over 2 frustrating hours on the phone with various SBC or AT&T employees. I don't care if they all call themselves "the new AT&T" now - they're all demons! Hopefully we'll figure out the right person to call next week so that we get our phone back.

Strangely, though, our secondary number was transferred! Maybe you can figure it out, I sure can't.

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