Monday, July 17, 2006

Be very careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for - wishes can come true in unexpected - and unwelcome - ways.

We wish(ed) that Ceilidh (Fran's Boston Terrier) was "normal." She's usually and completely nutsy pup - two speeds; full and off. As long as her routine is maintained and she gets to expend energy with regularly scheduled (and timed) sessions with her beloved latex soccer ball, peace at home is maintained.

That routine can get tiring. Sometimes you just want to go home and crash on the couch, watch a little television and go to bed. At our house, first you have to play with Ceilidh. Always. Before you can do anything else, or move on to the next thing, Ceilidh's special needs must be met. If compliance is not forthcoming, damp toys are thrust at you repeatedly, accompanied by irritating monkey-like chirping sounds. Forever. Until you get the latex soccer ball from the shelf, set the timer, and settle in for a round of fetch.

Ceilidh wasn't herself this weekend. She didn't want to eat, flopped her head/ears around continually, and cried if you touched her head. Not good. This morning I took her into the vet's office. We had to wait for over an hour. Usually, with Ceilidh, this is a recipe for disaster. Normally, I would have had to peel her off the walls. She would be wiggling, trying to greet every person, dog and cat. Crying when she couldn't. The stimulation of the sights and sounds would have prompted "kissing fits" and wild gyrations. It's not that Ceilidh isn't trained better - it's that she can't calm down, she never adjusts to new situations, and her brain just explodes from too many stimuli.

Today she curled up in my lap and slept for the entire hour we waited. She was frightened of the perfectly inoffensive chocolate lab that came in - she tried to bury her face in my neck.

It turns out that Ceilidh has a rather severe ear infection and feels crummy. She's just too pitiful to bear. I want my lunatic back.

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