Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dogs Underfoot

My sister and I have, between us, four little dogs. This may seem excessive, except when we consider that I only have two and my sister has two. Be that as it may, even one dog is a lot when it's constantly underfoot! Golly is a Brussels Griffon - or, in breed lingo, a "velcro dog."

Golly is with me whenever I'm at home. And by "with me," I mean "with me." We learned early on to do the "Griffie shuffle!" Never, ever, pick up your feet while walking and the Griffs are around, or they stand a good chance of being stepped on or kicked! Golly is much better now than when she was younger, but she usually needs to at least be in the same room that I'm in. And, since she is the oldest and, ostensibly, the alpha dog, all the others follow Golly.

This morning, getting ready for work, I was as forgetful as I could get. I forgot to put my watch on! Back to the bedroom with my entourage following. I forgot my earrings! Back to the bedroom. Where's my purse? Now, what did I do with my keys? Back and forth with the dogs. So picture me getting to the kitchen, realizing I'd forgotten something, turning around and starting back to the bedroom with the dogs scattering in order to follow. And they don't get bored with this routine!

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