Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Golly's Bath Day

Golly had a bath today. Now that may not seem like a blog-worthy event, but Golly is the princess and not to be messed with! Golly had not had a full bath in quite some time, since she gets her face washed every week as part of our "ablutions" ritual, and she's brushed twice a week (even short-haired dogs need regular brushing!). But we figured it was time, even for the princess.

After the water was carefully tested, Golly was placed very carefully in the bathtub (no washtub for Golly!) and wet down. Shampoo followed, with a good scrub. Picture Golly looking at me disapprovingly throughout the whole process. What an affront to her sensibilities! Golly's coat is extremely thick and lush, and apparently it held a tremendous amount of dirt, because the water coming off of her when the rinse began was grey!

More hair came off of Golly's little body during her bath than three weeks of brushing, I think! Talk about a ring around the tub! So, Golly is nice and clean, and even if she shed lots of dead fur, she's more fluffy so it looks like she's bigger. The princess is angry with me now and with her increased size her demeanor is impressive! I expect that she'll forgive me eventually.

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