Friday, July 28, 2006

Alternative Medicine

A friend visited today with her Border Terriers. They were on their way home from hydro-therapy and accupuncture sessions. (Robbie was still kind of damp, and MacDuff's fur was standing on end!) We take our dogs to the vet for traditional medicine when they don't feel well, but if there's a chronic condition, I'm a firm believer in alternative medicine if it works!

We had a cat for a lot of years and his life was extended and enriched by both traditional and alternative medicine. We got him, full-grown, from a shelter and he already had a very severe illness. The vet saved his life more times than I can count, changing medicine, adding or removing prescriptions. In the last couple of years of his life Merlyn developed arthritis in his spine. A vet who also practices accupuncture gave the cat treatments regularly, and the change was remarkable! After a treatment Merlyn moved better and ate better.

MacDuff is ten years old, in excellent shape and going strong! He's a performance dog, just a couple of double-qualifying scores away from a MACH 4 (that's 4 Master Agility Championships). It's natural for any athlete at that level to develop chronic aches and pains. If accupuncture helps - more power to him!

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