Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Chicago dog law - it's a good thing

Chicago may soon require all dogs to be microchipped. In the last couple of days we're reading about it in the Tribune, heard about it on the radio and on TV. The misinformation is astonishing - I even heard one radio personality claim that the chip will not only identify the dog, its owner and its address, but the animal's complete medical history, as well! Possibly useful, but at the moment, not possible!

I don't really understand the big fuss. Doesn't every responsible dog owner have her dog microchipped these days? Just on the off chance that one of our babies gets loose, isn't it a great thing to know they have a chance of coming home? The AKC's Companion Animal Recovery program has a wonderful success rate, returning registered animals to their families.

The Chicago legislation is actually a big win for people who love dogs. The original suggestion to the City Council was for breed-specific legislation. These lawmakers are showing uncommon good sense by listening to dog people and revising the proposal. No breeds will be banned in Chicago. Poor, irresponsible, and cruel dog owners will be liable for their crimes.

I know the arguments against government intrusion into another aspect of our lives. And, in all honesty, I know you can't legislate common sense. But maybe we're starting to put the responsibility where it belongs - on the people, not the dogs.

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