Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Unexpected Princess

I think I've mentioned before that Golly's not really into playing. She's the diva of the pack - aloof and above the crowd. But last night she forgot herself - she chose one toy after another and chased, and tugged, and chewed, and teased!

Golly grabbed one toy and presented it to me for chasing purposes - I would scooch it along the floor, she would try to grab it, then when she succeeded in that, ran a little bit away and teased.

Then, when that got old (after about a minute), she decided she didn't want to play any more. But she saw how much fun her siblings were having during the play session and went shopping for another toy. She chose a stuffed frog toy that her French Bulldog sister, Dax, had disembowelled. (Picture a frog-skin rug in plush!) She took that frog skin and jumped up on the chair with it. (Our house is very dog-friendly with towels and throws over all the furniture.) She teased her brother, Roc, with it - showing it to him then taking it away. Naturally, he grabbed for it and a tug-of-war ensued. Roc won. So, Golly was miffed and decided to sulk.

But the kids' alloted 13 minutes of play time after dinner wasn't over yet (we set the timer so that Ceilidh has uninterrupted play time and then leaves us alone for the rest of the evening). And Golly decided to grab another toy. This was another plush toy that we, naturally, had considered throwing out because no one had paid any attention to it for months! Always the unexpected from Golly!

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