Friday, June 09, 2006

If it's Friday...

If today's Friday, that means that yesterday was ... yup, Agility Class! As you may know, I take Ceilidh, my 5-year-old Boston Terrier nut to play at Agility. For you dog-lovers who've never seen Agility, it's a blast! It's like a set obstacle course for dogs, with jumps, tunnels, teeter-totters, elevated ramps to walk on, A-Frames to climb, and poles to weave through (the dog, not the handler). The person must tell the dog which obstacle to take, in a specific order, and in competition, below a specified time in order to qualify for various titles.

Class is always fun. Everyone celebrates each others' victories, commiserates over defeats. Last night we were celebrating a new championship title in the breed ring! Annie the Giant Schnauzer is now a breed champion! And Annie was celebrating, too! She was romping all around the room, not paying attention to her mom, just having a great time! And if you've never seen a Giant Schnauzer romping, let your imagination go wild!

A couple of weeks ago our instructor told me it was high time to enter a trial or two. Yikes! Ceilidh's ready, it's me I'm worried about! But, just to show she was a star, that evening Ceilidh ran through the weave poles (the right way!) without my running alongside! Of course, last night she didn't know what weave poles were!


MJ's doghouse said...

I think agility classes are a great idea...but i am having enough trouble to get my little,(well not so little) girl to even come when i call her. I am happy that you have so much fun..I love your blog...i love all the dog blogs out there. I am new at it..ours is
if you read it can you please give me some tips to improve it...thanks

Fran said...

I find that obedience training is a great starting point for all activities you do with your dog. And, there's nothing wrong with always having treats! Ceilidh LOVES Peanut Power Bones and she only gets them at class! Great motivation!

MJ's a cutie, by the way!