Friday, June 30, 2006

Golly the Instigator

I've mentioned that Golly is a princess. She's a diva, above the riff-raff, and nothing is too good for Golly. But, she's a troublemaker. We'll be outside and the other dogs will be minding their own business - smelling the flowers, watching the birds, enjoying the sunshine. Then, all of a sudden, Golly will bark once and set everyone else off. She'll look around as her sibs go crazy at nothing, shrug like they're nuts, and figure if you can't beat them, join them! We originally thought it was Roc who starts the barking frenzy, but it's his sister!

The other day I thought that I would give myself a treat and actually sit down on a real chair and read my book for an hour. So, I pulled up the front blinds and settled in for a nice quiet session. The dogs jumped onto the window seat and curled up for a nap. All except Golly. She watched the neighborhood for anything bark-worthy. A squirrel, a leaf, a bird, and a neighbor! All got Golly going. But, her siblings weren't buying it. They were too comfy! So much for the Instigator!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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jan said...

OOooh. I hope my comment won't be removed. Isn't it fascinating when you have multiple dogs, how they will interact with each other. The body language is too subtle for humans to fully understand, but we can tell by the behavior of the dogs that there is silent communication. Good luck on your new venture. I envy you

Hope said...

Hi, Jan!

You never have to worry about your comments getting deleted! It's just the spammers we target. We really don't want our welcome visitors to have to wade through more pharmaceutical ads. (lol) Thank you for your good wishes. I'm afraid the pups are sadly neglected through this week - we're madly working trying to get the business moved, organized and stay on track.