Friday, June 23, 2006

Ceilidh's Dilemma

Ceilidh has a new predicament! I may have mentioned that Ceilidh's favorite toy is her Latex Soccer Ball. And, unless we set the timer for her scheduled play time, she will want us to throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball... you get the idea. And without her Latex Soccer Ball, Ceilidh is bereft. She does not know what to do with herself. No other toy will do!

Owning a store specializing in great stuff for small dogs (GollyGear) gives us access to wonderful merchandise, distributors and manufacturers. It also gives us knowledge that we might not otherwise have. Like, rising fuel costs makes it more difficult to acquire that great, high-quality Spanish latex. Panic time! We only have one Latex Soccer Ball in reserve for Ceilidh and the 2 inch balls have been on back order forever! So, we took a chance and ordered the next larger size. A customer gave us the idea, actually. Hopefully we now have enough 2 1/2 inch Latex Soccer Balls to last us a while!

In appearance the 2 1/2 inch ball looks much bigger, but of course it's just 1/2 inch! We tried it out last night during our regularly scheduled play session, and after an initial poke and lick, Ceilidh dove after it! The 2 1/2 inch Latex Soccer Ball is just as soft as the 2 inch one, and bounces just as high! It was a hit! Now Ceilidh's only problem is deciding which size ball she wants to play with!

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