Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just when you think they've got a clue

A couple of weeks ago when I blogged about the big, bad, 10-pound Roc, I mentioned that Staffy Bull Ben is scared of him. Last night in training, I learned why that may be so.

After class a few of us were standing around schmoozing, talking about our upcoming Obedience Trial, while the Novice Class was going on in the next ring. I was rudely interrupted by Roc snarking and sounding generally vicious. After a quick correction I looked to see who he's fussing at. It's an inquisitive, but very nice Standard Poodle. She was looking at him like she couldn't believe all that noise came out of that tiny plush toy. The poodle probably shouldn't have been sticking its head out of its own ring and into Roc's face, but that's no excuse for his reaction.

Fortunately, no harm was done, except to whatever reputation I may have had as a trainer. I really thought the little dude was getting better. It may be another case of "two steps forward and one step back" but we're going keep a careful eye on that boy.

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