Friday, August 29, 2008

We're a Training Team

Last night was Agility Class, as are most Thursdays, and Ceilidh was being her usual self. That means checking out each spot on the mat between runs and trying to say hello to every person in the room. And last night was mostly lecture, so most of the time was between runs. Of course I try to keep Ceilidh busy with little behaviors - spin, touch, sit, down, front, etc., etc..... Toward the end of class last night Ceilidh had gotten up from a sit or a down - I forget which - so I pointed at her rear end which is one of the signals I've taught her to sit. And she did. What a good girl. The instructor saw that and stopped herself mid-sentence and said, "You point at her butt and she puts it on the floor???" Yup, just like she's supposed to!
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