Friday, August 22, 2008

Should I, shouldn't I - next time maybe

So Hope is at her first Agility Trial today and I'm feeling a little guilty. Hope worked up her nerve to actually enter a trial and show up for it and I'm here at the store. Ceilidh was great at class last night and she's been much more focused. I do have a good excuse for not entering the trial - that whole torn cartilage thing, plus the worst hip bursitis pain ever to have been experienced by a human being - at the deadline for entering. But now I'm feeling just about fine. So I'm thinking maybe, just maybe, next time I'll dance too.

Meanwhile - keep your fingers crossed for Hope and Dax! Hope told me her goal was to have Dax stay with her and not greet the jump-setters in the ring. Also, maybe a bigger goal - to have fun! Because if it's not fun why do it?
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